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To establish a collaborative Data Science and Machine Learning community within the continental U.S. The Machine Learning Society hosts a variety of community building events designed to educate, engage, and inspire our community to push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence research and application in academia and industry.

The success of our community is inherent to its core values, which promotes collaboration, citizen data science projects, and initiatives which support Women in Data Science. We host weekly events that enable our members to think of new and exciting ways to apply Data Science and Machine Learning to global challenges.

The Machine Learning Society focuses on providing FREE resources for learning, networking, and career development. We invite members of the data science community to learn from each other, compete in Kaggle competitions as teams, volunteer to mentor MLS members at stages of learning and discover cross-disciplinary collaborations with scientists.

San Diego is the birthplace of The Machine Learning Society and our vision is to transform San Diego’s thriving technology ecosystem into a globally recognized center for Scientific and Artificial intelligence research. This includes guiding capital, talent and opportunity towards local A.I. and Biotech focused startups.

Companies and ML experts interested in relocating to San Deigo should email to learn more about our business friendly climate.

MLS member collaborations should endeavor to solve global challenges and apply our skills responsibly. We should also have fun! This includes bringing your own projects and finding others within the community who share a similar passion. Our immediate goals include launching:

  • A.I  SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
  • Women in STEM programs
  • Free Machine Learning classes through our partners
  • Hackathons
  • Data Science Career fairs
  • Initiatives for social good.

We are actively seeking Volunteers, Speakers, Organizational Alliances and Sponsors, as well as, Venture Capital / Angel relationships. Visit this LINK to get involved!

Volunteer with us if you wish to setup a Machine Learning Society chapter in your city and organize the following events:

  • ML Show & Tell Events
  • Panels and Presentations
  • Hikes with a Data Scientist
  • City Kaggle Competitions
  • Technology Workshops

We intend to launch the first Data Science / Machine Learning Career Fair in South California History. Our projected San Diego Career Fair date is December 2017. More information coming soon. Corporations interested in participating can email

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