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Meet the Team

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Brian Rogers

New York Chapter Organizer

New York

Experience in managing growth and success of a number of Internet based companies. Founding partner of several Internet based business operations. Developed Internet startup concepts into operationally sound, and profitable mature operations. Broad large ecommerce platform, supporting technologies, and general business application deployment experience. Strong ecommerce site and mobile operations experience.

Rita Philavanh

WordPress Administrator

San Diego

Cross-disciplinary and a perpetual learner. Rita received academic training in interdisciplinary sciences followed by a career within the biotech industry as a genomic data analyst and software engineer. With broad skills in diverse fields, her focus in leveraging technology to derive insights from data has been the unifying thread. She is currently studying Data Science to advance her career and volunteers her time to help manage the website for the Machine Learning Society.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Khai Pham

Science Advisor

Khai Pham

Science Advisor

Join Us

The Machine Learning Society hosts a variety of community building events designed to educate, engage, and inspire our community to push the boundaries of Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, and Artificial Intelligence. 

We are actively seeking Volunteers, Speakers, Organizational Alliances and Sponsors, as well as, Venture Capital / Angel relationships.