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What is CO?

CO is a Data+Science collaboration platform engineered to accelerate global innovations in: Science, Technology and Culture.

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We welcome all scientists, engineers and computational explorers to join our global Data+Science community. Exercise your passion and creativity on the world’s biggest challenges.


Join the Innovator Directory and unlock your communities true collaboration potential by migrating to the CO collaboration network.


Join the Innovator Directory and tap into a global ecosystem of developers, scientists and artificial intelligence experts. Build high performance technical teams. Tell your story to a community that is listening.


Promote your Lab, Department or University by sharing research, publications, whitepapers and scientific discoveries with the world. Discover collaborators and fill Doctoral | Faculty positions.

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Culture Tech

Culture Technology companies are an entirely new breed of organization. They are embedded within communities and thrive with the collective support for its core values. The success of CO and The Machine Learning Society are best measured by their positive influences on the world! 

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Computational Renaissance

Converge 100 for a Conversation
Converge 1,000 for a Conference
Converge 10,000 for a Community
Converge 100,000 for a 
Computational Renaissance

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Decentralized Community Development

Help us pioneer the crowdsourcing of skills, passion and intelligence to solve real world problems. We aim to understand the deep principles that govern high performance technical teamwork and share this knowledge with everyone.

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