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Who we are:

The Machine Learning Society is a global community of Data Scientists, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experts committed to advancing innovations in Science, Technology and Culture.

Find us in:

San Diego   |   New York   |   Boston   |   Bay Area

What we do:

We host a variety of community building events designed to educate, engage, and inspire our community to push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence research and application.

MLS focuses on providing resources for learning, networking, and career advancement opportunities by offering the following community services:

Why we do it:

We believe that “Magnetizing Intelligence” is a powerful formula for solving global challenges. We make a difference by establishing ecosystems for “Computational Explorers” to meet and share ideas.

Our Global Mission:

To bring together world-class data scientists to solve real world problems. Join our mission to optimize technology for a better quality of life.

How to Join:

We are actively seeking Volunteers, AI / ML Speakers, Organizational Alliances and Sponsors.


Event TypeAverage AttendanceSchedule
Hike with a Data Scientist20Every 3rd Sunday of the month
Kaggle Competition25Every two weeks
ML Show & Tell - Panel Discussion220Monthly

800June 23-25, Artificial Intelligence Hackathon - San Diego

Dec 1-3, Genomics + AI Hackathon - San Diego

Topics that interest us:

SubjectWorkshop or Panel Discussion topics
Artificial IntelligenceMachine Learning
Deep Learning
Recommender Systems
Computational… Physics
RoboticsAutonomous Navigation
Robots systems
Digital Biology Genomics
Next Gen Sequencing
Fintech Algorithmic trading
Business ML in Marketing
Business Analytics
Cloud Services

Please submit Speaker Application if you wish to share your insights on talks listed above.


Let’s Hike with a Data Scientist

Walk and talk about data.
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Become an AI Community Developer

Bi-weekly meetings
Event Details
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Kaggle Competition

Bi-weekly meetings
Event Details

Blockchain with Ethereum at ConsenSys

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Ethereum development
Event Details

Artificial Intelligence Hackathon – San Diego

San Diego's First Artificial Intelligence Hackathon
Event Details

Open forum on AI/ML Venture Capital in San Diego

VC's & Tech leaders talk: A.I. Startups & the SD Market
Event Details

The Future of Farming with AI: Truly Organic at Scale

Machine Learning & Agriculture with Ryan Hooks
Event Details

Next Generation Sequencing: DNA in the Cloud

Panel: Google, HLI, Oracle, Edico Genome
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Venture Hounds
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