DeepBIO Conference

DeepBIO 2017 Conference

San Diego, California
Location TBD after 5000 Signatures of the Scientific Petition

Attendees Expected


DEEPBIO was conceived to catalyze innovation at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Biology. We are gathering global thought leaders in Deep Learning, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Machine Learning. Help us reach the 5000 signature goal by signing the “Petition for Speakers” below.

Once our goal of 5000 signatures is achieved, the Machine Learning Society team will deliver handwritten letters to the listed speakers. Each letter will contain an invitation to present at the DeepBIO Conference San Diego. Petition signers will receive early access tickets (limited), as well as links to the event livestream.

  • World-class speakers (listed below)

  • Data Science Career Fair

  • Attend Lectures & Workshops

  • Learn more about the DeepBIO Hackathon 2018.

  • Meet People & Companies innovating Science & Technology.

Signatures Required


Invitee NameOrganization | InstituteDomain Expertise
Alexander ZarenekHarvard | Curoverse | VeritasArtificial Intelligence: Bioinformatics
Alex SmolaAmazonMachine Learning
Andrej KarpathyTeslaComputer vision | Recurrent Neural Networks
Andrew ConradVerily (Alphabet)Genetics | Data Science
Andrew NgStanford | Coursera | BaiduArtificial Intelligence | Deep Learning
Anne CarpenterBroad InstituteDeep Learning: Cellular image profiling
Anshul KundajeStanford UniversityDeep Learning: Genomics
Babak AlipanahiUTorontoDeep Learning: Genomics
Bradley EricksonMayo ClinicDeep Learning: Medical Imaging
Brendan J FreyUniversity of TorontoDeep Learning: Genetics | Biology
Christopher OlahGoogle BrainDeep Learning: Education
Craig VenterJ. Craig Venter InstituteSynthetic Genomics
Curtis LanglotzStanford UniversityDeep Learning: Medical Imaging
Dana Pe'erColumbia University | Harvard MedicalComputational Models: Single Cell Genomics
Daphne KollerCalico Life Sciences (Alphabet)Bayesian Machine Learning: Bioinformatics
David R. KelleyHarvard/ Calico labsDeep Learning: Genomics (wrote BASSET)
Eric TopolScripps Translational Science InstitutePrecision Medicine
Fei-Fei LiStanfordComputer vision
Geoffrey HintonGoogle BrainDeep Learning: Neuroscience
George ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolNext Generation Sequencing | Nanopores
Ian GoodfellowOpen AIGenerative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
Jennifer DoudnaBerkleyCRISPr pioneer | Molecular and Cell Biology
Jian SunMicrosoft Research | MegviiComputer Vision
John BaldoniGSK PharmaceuticalsDrug Discovery
John E KellyIBMBuilding Cognitive solutions with Watson
John StamUniversity of WashingtonGenomics | Epigenomics
Jonathan PritchardStanford UniversityComputational Genetics/Biology
Kaiming HeMicrosoft | FacebookComputer Vision
Leroy HoodInstitute of Systems BiologyPersonalized Medicine
Lily PengGoogle AIEye Doctor project
Mark DePristoGoogle Brain GenomicsDeep Learning: Variant Calling
Michael SnyderStanford UniversityPersonalized Medicine | Bioinformatics
Olga TroyanskayaPrincetonDeep Learning: Protein structure prediction
Olivier GevaretStanford UniversityDeep Learning: Cancer Images
Rick StevensArgonne National LabDeep Learning: Precision Medicine | Cancer
Sam AltmanOpenAI | Y CombinatorInvesting in AI companies
Serafim BatzoglouIlluminaBioinformatics | Deep Learning
Stephan SandersUCSFData Science | Genomics / Sequencing
Steve QuakeStanford UniversityNext Generation Sequencing, Single-cell Biology
Sungroh YoonSeoul National UniversityRNNs for miRNA precursor prediction
Suchi SariaJohns Hopkins UniversityMachine Learning: Early detection of Sepsis
Terence HwaUCSDSystems | Molecular Biology
Terry SejnowskiSalk InstitutePerceptrons | Neurobiology
Thomas FuchsSloan Kettering Cancer CenterDeep Learning: Pathology
Yann LeCunFacebookArtificial Intelligence | Computational Neuroscience


Let’s thank the sponsors below for believing in our mission and supporting our community.

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